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JY-MCU 3208 Game of Life

After my previous post about the JY-MCU 3208 lattice clock I played around with it and eventually figured I could create the game of life on the display.


JY-MCU 3208 lattice clock

I bought the jy-mcu 3208 lattice clock from dealextreme. It is a matrix display that features a ht1632c display driver and am atmega8 microprocessor. To be able to program the processor i also bought an usbasp dongel on ebay (something similar to this one).

I didn't do much with microprocessors other than the arduino, empty atmega's on which i flashed the arudino bootloader and my previous post. So, this had to change. I figured it all out (at least, i think so) and am writing this post mostly for my own reference.


Minimus avr usb howto compile

I just bought the Minimus AVR usb development board from Deal Extreme (this is the version 1 development board). It is a nice small development board with an AVR microprocessor on board. It is used a lot by Playstation 3 modders and a lot of information can be found about this.
But I was unable to find a nice tutorial about compiling your own project.