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Arduino/Bluetooth/Android controlled Knex car

When I was a kid I played a lot with Knex. Recently I found it again and tried to use the Cyber Knex motors and remote. Of course the batteries of the remote where empty and I had no new ones handy. Time to make my own.


JY-MCU 3208 Game of life arduino code

I finally took the effort to make my game of life code arduino compatible. I can now run the game of life on an arduino and use the displays just as displays. You still need to uplaod empty code to the onboard avr or completely desolder it though.


Precision voltage reference

I recently stumbled upon the chip ref102p (datasheet, pdf). This is an extremely precise voltage reference that gives 10 volt +/- 0.0025v without calibration. I thought this is a great way to test my multimeter (which is an extremely cheap one, because well, I don't need an expensive one).


Self soldered adxl345

I received some adxl345 chips (2). They where even smaller than I imagined. 5.3mm by 3.3mm. 14 pads to solder. I'm never going to solder that thing. Ok ordered a pcb from ebay (pic) and some caps. See if I can make it work.